cooked chicken food Quality and safety

- Aug 29, 2017-

China's food quality and safety incidents have been frequent in recent years, among which there is no shortage of chicken quality and food safety incidents, one of the important reasons is due to information asymmetry caused. In modern economic system, information is already an important economic resource, cooked chicken food and capital and land have become the necessary means of production, and information economics has gradually become the mainstream of new international market economy theory, people break the free market in complete Information under the circumstances of the assumptions, and finally found the severity of information asymmetry. cooked chicken food Even in developed countries, the market economy developed for hundreds of years, but are in the case of asymmetric information, not to mention China, a developing country, the market economy is running only 30 years.

In fact, over the years China's chicken farms, cooked chicken food chicken food processing enterprises and end consumers, long in a serious information asymmetry. Chicken producers and sellers in the hands of more information, and consumers of chicken products for the merits of the situation is poorly understood, so that on the one hand easy to cause high-quality chicken products because consumers do not know the goods and poor sales; the other hand Easy to lead to poor quality of chicken products because consumers do not fully understand the information found after the existence of defects or quality problems, and even chicken food safety incidents, which led to the production and sale of chicken credit crisis cases. More worthy of attention is that in China, cooked chicken food regardless of the occurrence or failure of the case of chicken quality cases and their food safety incidents, consumers or ordinary consumers of the real voice, rational demands are rarely reported.

Based on the above questions, in order to understand the general public's awareness and concern about the quality and safety of chicken food, and through the dissemination of consumer demands and voices, better help to improve the quality and safety of Chinese chicken food quality, cooked chicken food China Animal Husbandry Association Poultry industry branch white feather chicken federation and LEGA media media "International Poultry" magazine co-sponsored the "2014 China chicken consumer market research activities" for the chicken in the meat consumption in the position and consumption channels, cooked chicken food frequency, preference , The model change and chicken food quality and safety, cooked chicken food consumer awareness and confidence, chicken farming methods, farm animal welfare and other issues to do a comprehensive survey, and issued "2014 China chicken consumer market research report" (hereinafter referred to as " report").

Consumers in the purchase of raw chicken, the more people will first consider whether it is safe, followed by whether it is fresh, and then consider the price level; cooked chicken food also shows that the level of chicken prices on the level of consumer purchasing power is not very obvious; Said that the consumer attention to the variety is much higher than the brand, the convenience of attention, which is inherent in the Chinese people such as the consumption of chickens and other local breed chicken concept, cooked chicken food the domestic market has not yet established chicken brand, supermarket and online shopping channels increasing And other factors have a certain correlation.