IQF frozen aquatic product How to eat the best

- Aug 29, 2017-

Before cooking, thawing meat is probably everyone will encounter problems. IQF frozen aquatic product Old people like to use the traditional cold water thawing method, IQF frozen aquatic product young people like to choose to use a microwave oven thaw, in the end which method is better?

1. Before the thaw, be sure to remove the packaging outside the frozen meat, IQF frozen aquatic product the frozen meat on the glassware or ceramic plate, to prevent the foam or plastic wrap in the process of heating the release of harmful substances contaminated meat.

2. Meat should be cooked immediately after thawing.

3. thawing, the temperature must use the most low-end, IQF frozen aquatic product but also to gradually heating. Start heating for about two minutes and then determine the heating time according to the degree of meat thawing until it is completely thawed.

And vegetables and fruits, water also has a unique seasonal and biological growth cycle, live season can be described as "season". In the long season after the season, IQF frozen aquatic product live in the form of frozen goods to meet the needs of our lives. There are a lot of people think that seafood will eat healthy, of course, in the conditional coastal areas, live fresh season is relatively long, fresh goods are available throughout the year. Then for other people in the region, it can only be second choice for frozen products to meet the needs of life. But for frozen aquatic products we also have such doubts. So today we come to a detailed chat with frozen aquatic processing and consumption.

First of all, to understand the processing of frozen aquatic products. IQF frozen aquatic product In the season of aquatic products, manufacturers will choose fresh individuals for cleaning, processing, freezing, and finally into the frozen storage. Rapid freezing can reduce the activity of water in the body, inhibit the activity of microorganisms and enzymes, reduce the speed of various chemical reactions, IQF frozen aquatic product thus greatly reducing the process of deterioration of aquatic products. In other words, freezing is one of the powerful means to extend the validity of fresh aquatic products, it is the greatest degree of natural aquatic products to ensure the original freshness, color, flavor and nutrition.

Frozen aquatic products in the process, IQF frozen aquatic product after the raw material screening, rapid processing, suitable conditions, frozen three key elements, IQF frozen aquatic product in order to ensure product quality which will have more on-site health control, finished product testing, cold storage conditions testing and other links. Frozen aquatic product is simply a frozen process, between which no preservatives or other chemicals are used.

High-quality frozen aquatic products individual integrity, natural and natural color, touch tight and elastic, fine smell of aquatic products will have a unique marine fragrance. And live almost no difference, you can rest assured to buy. If the product color gray, individual poor activity, IQF frozen aquatic product soft, etc., it is likely to damage the quality, if rancid or sour, then determine the deterioration of the product. If consumers lack the skills to judge, it is recommended to buy brand products, the maximum guarantee of product quality.

Frozen aquatic products are easily damaged by temperature changes, to keep its frozen state as much as possible. After the purchase can be used to increase the way the outer packaging ice insulation (generally available in the supermarket). After returning home as soon as possible into the refrigerator freezer. IQF frozen aquatic product And to ensure that the seal intact, so as not to air into the product dry, affecting the taste. Taking into account the use of household refrigerators door more frequently, it is recommended to eat as soon as possible, in order to ensure that the longest taste of food not more than a month.

Frozen aquatic products fresh and nutrient preservation is good, pay attention to thawing way. If the time is relatively abundant, it is advisable to stand and thaw. IQF frozen aquatic product If the food time is urgent, you can use the packaging soak in the room temperature water thaw. Try not to use the water brewing thawing, this will lead to product nutrition and taste loss.