IQF Frozen fish Thirst when preserving their nutritious ingredients

- Aug 29, 2017-

People usually in addition to freezing some pork in the refrigerator, IQF Frozen fish and sometimes frozen some fish. Wang Wenhan, Deputy Secretary-General of Tianjin Cuisine Society, briefed the public on the tips of fish to freeze and thaw their nutrients.

When freezing the whole fish, IQF Frozen fish the fish should be washed before freezing, and remove the internal organs and gills, in the abdomen cast a little salt, treated and placed on the plate, IQF Frozen fish covered with plastic wrap, into the freezer to save.

Thawed, into the cold room slowly thawed, or can be thawed with water.

When frozen fish, the fish can be placed on the shop covered with plastic wrap, sprinkle with salt and then into the freezer.

When thawed, place the thaw in the freezer. IQF Frozen fish If you choose to thaw at room temperature, use a cloth or paper towel wrapped up, so as not to flow out of the water soaked fish. Wait until the semi-thawed state, you can directly fry or use a microwave oven, oven baked.

Just bought the fish from the cold storage or just from the refrigerator out of the frozen fish, cooking before the need to thaw, there are many people with warm water immersion method. In fact, IQF Frozen fish the use of warm water thawing is not a good way, the best way is to sprinkle some rice wine on the body, and then put the fish back to the refrigerator, the fish can soon thaw, so that will not lose fish nutrients. IQF Frozen fish If there is no refrigerator, thawed with cold water than with hot water immersion thawed some better.

The correct method of thawing can make fish delicious, gentle texture, but also to avoid bacterial contamination. The best way to thaw is to put the fish in the refrigerator one night before eating, if you need to use, you can also soak it in cold water. If it is too late, direct cooking is also not a bad idea.

Buy sealed wrapped frozen fish. IQF Frozen fish Buy frozen fish to ensure high quality fresh, the plastic packaging should be sealed without damage. When purchasing frozen seafood, please carefully check the outer packaging to ensure food safety.

Seafood should be in the frozen state, can not be partially melted. Seafood is stored at low temperature in the freezer.

Do not buy frosty fish in the bag, this fish storage time is too long, may not be suitable for consumption.

Put the fish in the refrigerator one night, IQF Frozen fish make it gradually thaw. Before eating fish, please put it in the refrigerator one night, IQF Frozen fish so that it gradually thawed. This can be kept at low temperature, but also let the fish completely thawed.

Frozen in the fridge can keep the fish in place.

It takes about a few hours to thaw the flesh with a fridge, IQF Frozen fish and if you are too late to try other ways. Do not thieves the fish directly on the table thawed, so that part of the fish outside may be corrupt, and the internal meat at this time has not completely thawed.

Check the frozen fish to make sure there is no deterioration. The flesh and smell of frozen fish should be the same as fresh fish. The color of the frozen fish may not be fresh fish, freshness is also slightly worse, but can not have variegated or discolored. Picked up the frozen fish smell, IQF Frozen fish if the stenchy pungent, it can not eat. Frozen fish may be some smell, but never smelly.

Cook fish with recipes. Frozen fish can be used as fresh fish. When cooking the temperature should be appropriate, when the fish color becomes dark, when the meat can be hard to pan.

The frozen meat sealed in the plastic bag. IQF Frozen fish Put the fish in the plastic bag, and then knotted sealed bags, to prevent fish contact with moisture. The cold water will thaw the fish in the bag.

Put the frozen fish in cold water. IQF Frozen fish If the fish floated, please use the plate and other heavy pressure on the above, IQF Frozen fish to ensure that all the fish immersed in water, this will accelerate the thawing process. Soak for about an hour, so that fish full thaw.