IQF frozen pork food Meat of the cold

- Aug 29, 2017-

The preservation of pork in cold storage or refrigerator, IQF frozen pork food meat and meat products is the most practical method of storage. In low temperature conditions, especially when the temperature dropped below minus 10 ℃, the moisture in the meat to form ice, resulting in bacteria can not grow and develop the environment. But when the meat is thawed to restore, due to elevated temperature and gravy exudation, bacteria began to multiply and multiply. Therefore, IQF frozen pork food the use of low-temperature storage of meat, IQF frozen pork food you must maintain a certain low temperature until the food or processing date, otherwise it can not guarantee the quality of meat. Meat cold, can be divided into two kinds of frozen meat and frozen meat.

1, cooling meat: mainly for short-term storage of meat, usually the meat center temperature down to 0 ℃ ~ 1 ℃ or so. The specific requirements are, IQF frozen pork food before the meat into the cold storage, the first temperature dropped to minus 4 ℃, the meat storage, to maintain between -1 ℃ ~ 0 ℃. Pork cooling time is 24 hours, can save 5 to 7 days. After cooling the meat, the surface of the formation of a dry film, IQF frozen pork food thereby preventing the growth of bacteria, and slow down the evaporation of water to extend the preservation time.

2, frozen meat: the meat for fast, deep frozen, so that most of the water in the water frozen into ice, this meat is called frozen meat. Frozen meat is more resistant to storage than chilled meat. The freezing of the meat is generally carried out at a temperature below -23 ° C and stored at about -18 ° C. IQF frozen pork food In order to improve the quality of frozen meat, so that after the thawing to restore the original taste and nutritional value, the current majority of cold storage are used quick-frozen method, the meat will be put into the -40 ℃ quick freezing, IQF frozen pork food the meat temperature quickly reduced to -18 ℃ The following, then moved into the cold storage.

The temperature of the cold storage is below -18 ° C and the center temperature of the meat is kept below -15 ° C. When refrigerated, the lower the temperature, IQF frozen pork food the longer the storage time. In the -18 ℃ conditions, pork can be stored for 4 months; in -30 ℃ conditions, can be stored for more than 10 months.