IQF frozen pork food Safe and healthy

- Aug 29, 2017-

Select healthy pigs, slaughtered, pre-cooled, cold-divided split meat raw materials

The broken raw materials to be refined, remove the bone, pig hair, IQF frozen pork food obvious congestion and removal of hair, debris and other malignant impurities, IQF frozen pork food and split the meat from the self-inspection, and to ensure that the separation of meat raw material temperature ≤ 7 ℃

The seasoning and soluble marinade and ice water according to the formula, the production rate requirements of the preparation of liquid, and fully dissolved; if necessary, homogenizer can be used for homogeneous, requiring the configuration of the liquid temperature ≤ 12 ℃. Add seasonings and soluble spices in line with national standards GB2708 requirements; configuration of the ice water requirements in line with national standards. Frozen fresh conditioning products in the formula design is not recommended to add red yeast red and other pigments.

 The soluble marinade was uniformly injected into the divided meat raw material by high pressure brine multi-pinhole injection machine. Requiring injection pressure of 0.2 ~ 0.5MPa; according to the injection effect can be secondary injection

According to product requirements, IQF frozen pork food the injection of the remaining residue, insoluble marinade liquid and semi-finished products into the drum kneading machine, according to the requirements of the vacuum after the rolling. Requirements of the ambient temperature of 0 ~ 4 ℃; vacuum requirements of a 0.08MPa, IQF frozen pork food rolling formula for the rolling time of 3h (rolling rub 15min; stop 10min).

Will be rolled by the semi-finished products into the 0 ~ 4 ℃ pickled library for 15-24h. Request pickled library clean, hygienic.

 Will be after a long time after the semi-finished products into a cold storage at room temperature for micro-freezing; require micro-freezing time of 30 ~ 40min, depending on the length of the product depending on the subsequent molding effect.

Will be micro-frozen products sent to the finishing workshop,IQF frozen pork food according to customer and product design requirements using slicing machine or meat grinder and other products for finishing; require finishing the workshop temperature of 0 ~ 7 ℃. Do a good job personnel, equipment, tools and other disinfection and other health work.

 Semi-finished products after finishing the quantitative, packaging. The general use of color bags for packaging, in order to better ensure that the image of the product can be used in the packaging when the use of stereotypes tray shape. Requirements packaging workshop temperature of 0 ~ 7 ℃, and do personnel, IQF frozen pork food equipment, tools and other disinfection and other health work.

After the packaging of the product to test, and the finished product into a 18 ℃ finished product library

Frozen meat to meet the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the pace of life is accelerating and safe, healthy, IQF frozen pork food convenient and fast food pursuit; the same time, IQF frozen pork food it will promote the consumption of fresh Chinese food patterns from small knife to large-scale fresh Deep processing, from the red, white meat to fresh small packaging, from brand to brand change, IQF frozen pork food which will not only solve the safety of fresh meat products, but also shorten the gap between the meat industry at home and abroad.