IQF frozen rabbit efficient facilities

- Aug 29, 2017-

Frozen temperature should be below -25 ℃, China's frozen rabbit meat processing plants are used quick-freezing method. The relative humidity is 90%. Frozen time is generally not more than 72 hours, test the temperature of the wax -15 ℃ can be transferred to the cold storage. IQF frozen rabbit If there is no cooling facilities of small processing plants, should be equipped with the right amount of fans, exhaust fans, hot season must try to make the meat temperature below 20 ℃, and then directly to the quick-frozen quick-frozen, so that muscle fibers in the water and meat all frozen. Shanghai frozen rabbit meat processing plant to speed up the cooling, the use of open-box quick-freezing method, so that the original 72 hours quick-frozen compressed to 36 hours, both energy-saving, but also improve the quality of frozen rabbit meat, an effective measure. The specific practice of the plant is to open the lid, IQF frozen rabbit into the tube rack frozen, to be frozen after the package into the cold storage.

In order to keep the meat temperature not rising, the cold is frozen rabbit meat. Need to be stored in the cold storage. Reasonable refrigeration conditions are cold storage temperature should be maintained at -19 ~ -17 ℃ between the relative humidity of 90%. Cold storage temperature range is generally not exceed 1 ℃, large quantities into the delivery process, a day and night temperature should not exceed 4 ℃, IQF frozen rabbit air flow to gravity, convection as well. Such as the temperature fluctuated, easily lead to dry meat and fat yellow and affect the quality. The method of cold storage is to freeze the frozen rabbit meat should be stacked into a square heap, the ground application of non-ventilated wood liner, pad height of about 30 cm, height of 2.53 meters, cold storage volume and floor load conditions permitting The volume and density of the bigger the better, the more cold storage capacity of the stack can increase the utilization of cold storage. Meat and the surrounding walls, between the ceiling, IQF frozen rabbit should be maintained at 30 to 40 cm distance, from the cooling row of 40 to 50 cm, between the meat and the heap to maintain a distance of 15 cm, cold storage should be the middle of the transport channel, Generally not less than 2 meters. The frozen period of frozen rabbit meat depends mainly on the refrigerating temperature and the type of raw material. Practice has proved that the lower the cold storage temperature, the longer the shelf life. 4 ℃ cold storage, IQF frozen rabbit the shelf life of only 35 days; -5 ℃ conditions, the shelf life of 42 days; 12 ℃ conditions, the preservation period of up to 100 days. Incubate frozen rabbit meat can be stored in the -17 ℃ ~ -19 ℃ conditions, can save 6 to 12 months.

The whole cooling process, according to the determination. At the beginning of the cooling, IQF frozen rabbit the temperature difference between the cooling medium (air) and the carcass is larger and the cooling rate is faster. The evaporation of the carcass surface is about 1 to 4 times, IQF frozen rabbit and the relative humidity The relative humidity should be maintained at 90% ~ 95%; cooling near the end of the time , Should be controlled at about 90%. Air flow rate is another important factor affecting the cooling time and extent. General frozen rabbit meat in the cooling, the air flow rate of 2 meters per second is appropriate

The first is the muscle fiber moisture and gravy frozen, mainly refers to the temperature, humidity, air flow and cooling time. Rabbit frozen. However, IQF frozen rabbit the quality of frozen rabbit meat and freezing temperature and speed have a great relationship. According to the test, under different low temperature conditions, the freezing level of rabbit meat is different from the fresh water in fresh rabbit meat, -0.5 ~ -1 ℃ began to freeze, -10 ~ 15 ℃ when completely frozen.