IQF frozen vegetable Antioxidant ingredients

- Aug 29, 2017-

Summer is the happiest, because we can always eat fresh vegetables and fruits. Sometimes we will think, IQF frozen vegetable if you can put these fruits and vegetables to the winter how good, but the vegetables of the shelf life is very short. IQF frozen vegetable Some people put frozen part of the vegetables, until the winter out to eat. This statement has just been formed, it was out to say that frozen vegetables will lose a lot of nutrition. Is it really?

On the frozen vegetables after nutrition will not lose a lot of this problem, has been the focus of housewives hot. There is a study that frozen vegetable nutrition is not less than fresh vegetables.

Just picking fresh fruit and vegetables through long-distance transport, storage and other links, their nutrition will have a certain degree of loss. IQF frozen vegetable And frozen fruits and vegetables, they will soon be picked down at minus 18 ℃ below the frozen. At this point, the fruit and vegetable respiration almost stagnant, microbes can not grow and multiply, theoretically for the preservation of nutrients in fruits and vegetables is not only harmless, but good.

Frozen is different from refrigerated, IQF frozen vegetable frozen is about -18 ° C or so low temperature, this temperature is not suitable for most of the fruit (because the consequences of this is the fruit thawed cells are destroyed, the taste will be much worse), so this suitable starch content High vegetables. The nutrition of frozen vegetables is quite good for preservation. Because vegetables in the vitamins, such as vitamin C, B and other water-soluble vitamins, in the high temperature is relatively easy to be destroyed, IQF frozen vegetable but in the low temperature is well preserved.

The study was conducted by Scientists at the Food Reform Research Center at Sheffield Hall of Sheffield, UK. After investigating the study, we wanted to abandon the old concept of poor quality of frozen vegetables. Many fruits, including fruits, were frozen as soon as they were harvested, IQF frozen vegetable Vitamins and minerals will not have much loss. Researchers in the study of 37 kinds of products found that fresh vegetables and frozen vegetables is not much difference between nutrition.

In addition, 40 studies were conducted at the Leeds Hyde Food Institute and the University of Chester in the UK to study the nutrient content of fruits and vegetables stored in the refrigerator freezer and freezer temperature for 3 days. The results show that the nutritional value of frozen fruits and vegetables is almost the same as just picking the product, but stored in the cold room for a long time, IQF frozen vegetable it will breed bacteria. "We have to put aside an erroneous prejudice that the so-called 'fresh food' is always better than frozen food," says Professor Rachel Burch, IQF frozen vegetable of Leeds Hyde. "These experiments show that the frozenness is comparable to 'fresh' product."

The data show that two-thirds of frozen fruits and vegetables in the antioxidant ingredients - such as vitamin C, polyphenols, IQF frozen vegetable anthocyanins, lutein and β-carotene content of higher scores, IQF frozen vegetable and intake of these antioxidants, IQF frozen vegetable for the prevention of cancer , To maintain the body, brain, skin and eye function, have great benefits.