IQF vegetable frozen peapods Processing method

- Aug 29, 2017-

General household frozen peas there are two ways: one is stripped directly after the bag to put the refrigerator frozen, the other is the first peeling pea hot hot, and then frozen.

In theory, there are various enzymes in the vegetables, enzymes will catalyze the discovery of various biochemical reactions, so that the color of frozen vegetables, IQF vegetable frozen peapods flavor and nutrition are affected. Low temperature freezing, although to a certain extent, reduce the activity of the enzyme, play a certain inhibitory effect. But can not be completely suppressed. So even in the frozen state, fruit and vegetable body is still in the biochemical reaction, but carried out very slowly. IQF vegetable frozen peapods So frozen vegetables will certainly be in quality after storage for some time. Especially in the thawed time, the enzyme activity will be significantly enhanced to accelerate the deterioration of the quality of vegetables. So in the frozen before blanching about, damage the enzyme activity, you can ensure that the quality of vegetables in the frozen did not change much.

So the second method is more reasonable.

But personally feel that if the time is not too long, IQF vegetable frozen peapods or too troublesome, stripping a direct frozen no problem, the flavor did not have much impact. So it is not blanching in advance, their decision to explain: refrigerator is not a safe, just a temporary preservation of fresh tools, do not think that food into the refrigerator do not have to ignore it, or to eat as soon as possible. IQF vegetable frozen peapods With the extension of time, food flavor, taste, nutrition will be affected, although a certain low temperature antibacterial effect, but can not completely sterilization. So although frozen to save a long time, or as soon as possible to eat Oh ~ ~ ~

Raw materials: requirements of the species on the road, the appropriate maturity, rapid recovery after harvest. To use the long maturity, fragrant, IQF vegetable frozen peapods bright color, poor varieties of small grains. Good maturity of raw materials, high sweetness, good color, no need to dye. General flowers after 20 to 25 days for the harvest period. Rapid recovery after harvesting, can reduce the deterioration of the flavor, because green peas, sweet corn and other free sugars and free amino acids at room temperature will be rapidly reduced and transformed into starch and protein.

Peas can be boiled to eat, IQF vegetable frozen peapods governance Diabetes, remove vomiting, only vent the disease. Adjustable Yang Yang Shen, Yi Zhongping gas, reminders milk. Boiled soup to drink, can get rid of poisonous heart disease, relieve milk poison attack. IQF vegetable frozen peapods Research into the end, in addition to carbuncle swollen pox sore. With peas powder bath, can remove the dirt, looking bright.

For no peeling, IQF vegetable frozen peapods raw green peas do not carry out cleaning, refrigerator should be refrigerated directly.

If the peas have been stripped of the beans, then it is suitable for freezing.

Will peel the peas into the bag (do not clean), and then sealed, IQF vegetable frozen peapods and tiled neatly into the refrigerator freezer, can be frozen directly.

When you want to eat, will peel the peas from the freezer into the greenhouse, about a few minutes after the thawed.

For frozen peel peas it is best to eat it within a month.