Frozen Poultry Meat How Long Can Freeze

- Aug 29, 2017-

The freezing chamber temperature is about -18 ° C. Can be stored fresh or frozen meat, frozen poultry meat fish, poultry, can also be stored cooking food, storage period of about 3 months. This room can be quickly frozen to save a long time fresh fish, meat food, in order to maximize the food to ensure the fresh flavor.

Meat is frozen is everyone knows the common sense, frozen poultry meat but when it comes to how frozen, how long can freeze, know people may not much. Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, deputy researcher Sun Baozhong pointed out that frozen meat must use the method, frozen poultry meat otherwise not only can not keep fresh, but also cause serious nutritional losses. The use of cryopreservation of food, can indeed inhibit the growth of microorganisms, save the food flavor, nutrients and food properties and freshness of the original, frozen poultry meat but to achieve the effect of the premise is only frozen once, and can not be too long.

When the meat from the low temperature frozen state was thawed, the cell membrane will be due to cytoplasmic growth and rupture, the emergence of juice and nutritional losses, such as re-freezing, will make the meat becomes dry wood, taste worse. And too long to save, frozen poultry meat it is bound to lead to rancidity deterioration. The United States has even reported that the freezing time of meat and the number of frozen, and its concentration of carcinogenic substances is proportional to, so how long is it too long? In accordance with the national standard, in the supermarket to buy bulk meat, the best in two months to eat another need to remind is: 1. In the buy back, but also to ensure that the freezing temperature of minus 14 degrees Celsius 0.2 flat refrigerator door to minimize the switch,frozen poultry meat  because every time the door, frozen poultry meat may make the freezing room ambient temperature, affecting the preservation of meat, however, Sun Baozhong Also pointed out that here you can tell a judge criteria: If a meat looks like a yellow, dry, it is not fresh, in the mall to see this meat, but also do not buy.

People have done such an experiment, frozen poultry meat that is, at minus 18 ℃ when the fresh fish and meat were stored for 8 months. frozen poultry meat We found that in the third month, changes in fish and meat nutrients is very obvious, mainly vitamin A and vitamin é changes in the third month, probably lost about two or three percent to the first Eight months time, the loss of the. In addition, their heme is also very powerful oxidation, frozen poultry meat not only the color fades, and water loss is also very powerful.

The use of refrigerators in the family, frozen poultry meat the temperature of the freezer is generally about minus 18 ℃, and this temperature can only be kept in a certain period of time the food flavor, nutrients and its freshness, but can not stop the food nutrients gradually So, frozen poultry meat in the refrigerator which frozen fish Yeah, meat, it is best not to more than two months, or else you will not enjoy the food of the original delicious and nutrition.