Frozen Vegetable And Fruit The Role Of Preservation

- Aug 29, 2017-

Banana's skin is easy to turn black, because the roots of bananas will release the ethylene ripening bananas, so take the fresh film wrapped in the roots of bananas can play the role of preservation, frozen vegetable and fruit usually in the storage should also pay attention to not break the banana Skin, frozen vegetable and fruit and do not and apple, kiwi fruit like put together, do not put in the refrigerator storage ~

Grape is the essence of fresh! want! wash! Grape of the skin is a natural protective layer, after the wash is easy to become soft and rotten friends ~ usually can be stored in the refrigerator, frozen vegetable and fruit want to eat when the wash, wash time to stay a little bit, the bacteria is not easy to go ~

And soon to eat the orange season ~ ~ orange into the baking soda water soak for a minute, frozen vegetable and fruit drain into the plastic inside, orange can keep fresh 3 months so long oh ~

Peaches and apples are less likely to be bad fruit, but if you want to put longer, you can use breathable plastic bags wrapped up, and then inside the tank, frozen vegetable and fruit often check, then the water, then sprinkle some water Of the pick out, buy Apple's time should also pay attention not to buy a rotten point

Put potatoes in the potatoes put an apple can inhibit the germination of potatoes, frozen vegetable and fruit potatoes and potatoes can not be put together, put together may be two broken ~

Eggplant on the surface of a layer of wax can play a protective effect, so the eggplant to buy home first rush to wash, you can set a layer of plastic wrap, and then stored in a cool place

Beans put a long time easy to dry, you can first boiled with boiling water, the time not too long, and then placed in a cool place to dry, and then installed with a bag, frozen vegetable and fruit into the refrigerator freezer, want to eat out when thawed You can eat, this method can save fresh beans a month

First wash the lotus, the above mud are washed with water, and then into the appropriate size of the container, pour cold water, water to dip lotus root, frozen vegetable and fruit every two days for water, this method can let the lotus preservation for more than a month ~

Radish leaves will absorb the nutrients of the radish, so that turnip turn bran, frozen vegetable and fruit so radish buy back to go after the carrot Ying, radish indulgence do not have to lose, but also very healthy ingredients it ~

Pumpkin flesh is generally the first place to start deterioration, so the best time to save the pumpkin pumpkin flesh, and then save the bag

Will celery or chrysanthemum tied into a small bundle, frozen vegetable and fruit root down soaked in water, you can make evergreen leaves, for a long time do not degenerate ~

With white paper or fresh leaves wrapped in leek on the shade storage, you can save a few days, be careful not to touch the water ~

Wrapped in parsley, and then into the plastic, frozen vegetable and fruit without sealing, leaving a little air, root up storage, with this method can keep the parsley fresh taste

Tomatoes can not be put into the refrigerator, that plastic bag is good, sealed, once a day on the line, if the bag has steam on the clean, this method can make tomato four weeks without deterioration ~

Live fish, frozen vegetable and fruit you can fish in the eyes of a layer of soaked paper, frozen vegetable and fruit you can let the fish dehydration 4,5 hours still jumping, this is because the fish's optic nerve has a thin line, fine line off the fish died , Wet paper can slow down the process, frozen vegetable and fruit the dead fish can be frozen in the salt water, summer fish with salt is also a good choice