IQF Frozen Cooked Duck Need To Save For A Long Time

- Aug 29, 2017-

As shown in Figure 1, usually the meat, need to buy back when the cleaning, IQF frozen cooked duck the duck to do to deal with the internal organs, wash away to remove blood. This duck can be placed at room temperature for 2-3 days.

2, if placed in the freezer, as much as possible to clean up the duck, the duck chopped a good wash, with fresh bags, into the cold room. IQF frozen cooked duck This can save about 3-5 days

3, if you need a long time to save, IQF frozen cooked duck then it is necessary to put in the freezer, so that can save ducks will not deteriorate for several months.

But need to emphasize that, do not first duck boiled water, because after doing so, once frozen, it will make the ducks become very old taste

Frozen cooked ducks are so heated that they do not have too close contact with the outside world and can be kept in the freezer for a long time, but the frozen chicken flavor will deteriorate, for example, the meat is hardened, so raw meat is still eat as soon as possible Finished better

Cooked food into the refrigerator before the cool through. Food is not fully cool thoroughly, suddenly into the low temperature environment, the food center is prone to qualitative change, the food into the hot air caused by water vapor agglutination, can promote mold growth, resulting in the whole mold mildew.

Second, IQF frozen cooked duck the refrigerator out of the cooked food must be re-pot. IQF frozen cooked duck The temperature inside the refrigerator can only inhibit the propagation of microorganisms, and can not completely kill them. Such as before the food is not completely heated, IQF frozen cooked duck after eating may be pathogenic.

Third, the food should not be thrown into the refrigerator after thawing. Repeated freezing can cause food tissue and nutrient loss.

Fourth, frozen food should be slowly thawed. Thawed frozen food should be replaced at room temperature slowly thaw the refrigerator, generally should not use hot water, such as forced to thaw. IQF frozen cooked duck If the rapid thawing, due to the rapid melting of ice crystals, IQF frozen cooked duck nutrient juice can not be timely absorption of fiber and cells and spill, will reduce the quality of food.