IQF Frozen Fish Protein Content Is Also Higher

- Aug 29, 2017-

When the live fish can not buy, eat chopsticks also stretched out to the missing fish who have not disappeared. Who is the fish from ancient times to the table is the food it, festivals, IQF Frozen fish weddings and funerals can be less, but the feast in the total no fish. No way, whether it is to meet the appetite, or want to get rich nutrition, fish in the meat family is often "high fat."

Compared with chickens and sheep, such as cattle and sheep, fish muscle tissue more water content, soluble protein content is also higher, but also rich in unsaturated fatty acids, IQF Frozen fish natural immune substances less gill and visceral adhesion of bacteria. And after the death of the fish was weak alkaline, more suitable for bacterial growth, it is more likely to corrupt. So,IQF Frozen fish wit the food ancestors in order to the distant fish shipped to their own home table, so that more people taste the different varieties of fish delicious, invented the chilled fish and frozen fish.

Chilled fish is to take the way to ice cooling, IQF Frozen fish so that the fish in the dead after the extension of the dead, the equivalent of fish cells in the physiological state of the "freeze" in the moment of death. So the taste and taste of chilled fish is similar to live fish.

But the frozen fish can only save a few days only, IQF Frozen fish and we want to eat from the distant waters to fish, you have to rely on more long-term, more stable way of preservation. In the frozen state, the enzyme activity and microbial growth are inhibited, the fish shelf life is also greatly extended, IQF Frozen fish usually up to several months. So the emergence of frozen fish is to allow us to taste the distant waters of the species.

First of all, from the taste that the frozen fish meat does not live fresh fish. This is mainly because in the freezing process, the fish water frozen into ice crystals, resulting in fish protein frozen and a series of changes in physical and chemical properties, including changes in protein space structure and hydrophobicity, gel and water retention, Salt soluble protein content decreased, ATPase activity decreased, IQF Frozen fish resulting in fish meat quality and taste decline.

Second, IQF Frozen fish from the nutritional point of view, with the same species of fish frozen after the loss of part of the nutrition. Because in the fish frozen, the flesh of myofibrils in the fish will form ice crystals, but in the thawing time there is no way to polymerize with the protein molecules, it can not be fully absorbed into the fish. The loss of this juice is accompanied by a small portion of the fish in the soluble protein, salts, vitamins and other water-soluble nutrients loss. However, this loss does not affect the core nutritional value of fish. Because this loss if you have to be more serious, then it would have to remind you, in fact, IQF Frozen fish live fish in the holding process, by the local water environment oxygen, temperature, pH, fecal accumulation and fishing caused by fish damage and other factors Impact, there will be a decline in quality, as a certain loss of nutrition.

So, frozen fish and live fish compared to the taste on the lost, but the nutritional value of nothing significant difference. Even more critical is that you go to the seaside vacation, IQF Frozen fish otherwise the most common live fish are mostly cultured freshwater fish. IQF Frozen fish While the nutritional value of higher deep-sea fish, are basically frozen. Therefore, the nutritional value of fish also depends on the level of fish, can not simply from the fish is not to judge. In order to live fish and give up the deep sea frozen fish worth the candle, IQF Frozen fish as "treated equally" to live fish and frozen fish.