IQF Frozen Pork Food

- Mar 18, 2019-

IQF Frozen Pork Food

IQF Frozen Pork Food

frozen pork is one of the most important animal foods on people's table. Because the fiber is more soft pork, less connective tissue, muscle tissue contains more fat between the muscle, therefore, after cooking processed meat, especially delicious.

pork in different parts of pork is different and can be divided into four grades.

Special: fillet meat;

Level 1: tenderloin, hind leg meat;

Level two: leg meat, pork;

Level three: Blood neck meat, preserved meat, the front elbow and back elbow.

Different IQF pork, cooking, there are different ways to eat. Eat pork, different positions of meat, taste is different. Pig tenderloin most tender, haunch of meat is relatively older. Buy and eat fried stew pork tunjian; fried meat is the best buy; ridge; make dumpling stuffing to buy the former tunjian.