IQF Frozen Pork Food Equipment Temperature Control Is Good

- Aug 29, 2017-

Frozen pork, fish, chickens, ducks and other meat, frozen in the crystallization due to the role of water, the organization of cells will be destroyed. IQF frozen pork food Once thawed, destroyed tissue cells, IQF frozen pork food will seep out a lot of protein, it has become a breeding material of bacteria. If the storage time is too long, the bacteria in the food and enzyme activity recovery, not only can quickly reproduce the decomposition of protein caused by deterioration, but also produce toxic histamine substances, causing food poisoning.

When you buy fresh pork, IQF frozen pork food you can through the "three view - eye view, nose smell, touch" to check, the eyes to determine whether the light red color, clear meat, flexible, smell no smell of smell, touch No mucus, no water. Of course, in addition to the premise of the preferred quality of meat, there are pale, soft tissue, will water seepage of water; meat color was dark red, hard tissue, IQF frozen pork food dry surface dry meat. The two are mainly affected by the abnormal flesh, in addition to slightly bad taste, is still edible meat.

In accordance with the people to buy pork habits, can be divided into supermarkets, hypermarkets or traditional markets to buy. The traditional market to buy pork,IQF frozen pork food you can recognize the pig skin there is no anti-check "health check qualified" blue stamp chapter, which only covered the chapter of the pork, on behalf of the pig before the slaughter of a veterinary doctor diagnosed health, IQF frozen pork food slaughter After the inspection will be only one by one to see whether the appearance of the disease can not see, be the whole process of meat quality control of the meat; in the supermarket, supermarkets to buy meat, IQF frozen pork food you should pay attention to product packaging and labeling integrity, Refrigeration equipment, good temperature control and so on.

Pork is fresh, there are three identification criteria - fresh color, smell incense, feel non-stick. When you buy, first smell the smell of meat, fresh pork smell pure, IQF frozen pork food no stench, and then gently press the meat surface with your fingers, if the gravure after pressing can quickly restore the status quo, flexible, it is relatively fresh. Touch the surface of the meat by hand, dry or slightly moist, and not sticky meat is better.

Skin white meat hard shiny. IQF frozen pork food Buy pork before the first look at its color, fresh and quality guaranteed pork its color to pink or red-based, section was marble-like texture, fat and fat part of the white and shiny, hard and thick. If it is metamorphosed pork, its color is usually dark red or purple, the surface is dry or very moist, white with yellow, fat luster, IQF frozen pork food partial yellow or even green, this pork is not dead pork may exist there are other Of the security risks, should try to avoid buying.

Fresh and no smell. Before buying, but also pay attention to smell the smell of pork, under normal circumstances caused by poor quality of waste of waste of meat or medicine and other uncomfortable smell. And if the sick pork, then there are grease, fecal smell, corruption, strange sweet and other unusual smell, these are the characteristics of unhealthy pork, should try to avoid buying. After the frozen pork, IQF frozen pork food after the thawing of the muscle color, smell, water content, etc. are normal no smell; expired frozen meat fat yellowish, muscle dry black, the surface of dry oxidized spots, near the smell will be light, IQF frozen pork food thawed after the smell Thicker.

Smell of the distinction is very important, experts advise the vast number of consumers, once found that pork has any unpleasant smell should avoid buying and discard, IQF frozen pork food so as not to one of the bacteria and viruses infected with the human body.