IQF Frozen Rabbit How To Thaw

- Aug 29, 2017-

Rabbit meat: rabbit meat is rich in brain and other organs of the development of indispensable lecithin, a brain puzzle effect; regular consumption can protect the blood vessel wall, IQF frozen rabbit prevent thrombosis, hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes patients benefit Enhance the body, bodybuilding muscles, it can protect the skin cell activity, maintain skin elasticity; IQF frozen rabbit rabbit meat contains fat and cholesterol, lower than all other meat, and fat and more unsaturated fatty acids, IQF frozen rabbit eat rabbit meat, Healthy body, but not fattening, obese patients ideal meat, women eat, can keep the body slim; rabbit meat contains a variety of vitamins and 8 kinds of essential amino acids the human body, containing more people most vulnerable Lysine, tryptophan, therefore, often eat rabbit meat to prevent the deposition of harmful substances, IQF frozen rabbit so that children grow up healthy, helping the elderly longevity.

The thawing of frozen meat in salt water, can greatly shorten the thawing time, and can also keep the fresh meat

Frozen meat in the refrigerator freezer, fish, IQF frozen rabbit eating a lot of people's approach is: remove the room after the thawing; some people are eager to soak with hot water, cooking immediately. This is the wrong way. When the meat quickly thawed, often produce a substance called propionaldehyde, it is a carcinogen. The correct approach should be to put the frozen meat, first placed in the room for a few hours, IQF frozen rabbitand then use; can also put the frozen meat in the refrigerator freezer for hours, and then remove the use.

Frozen fish in the refrigerator freezer, meat, poultry meat and other meat, when used, IQF frozen rabbit some people often cooked with hot water immediately after thawing cooking, in fact, this approach is unscientific.

Scientific thawing method is frozen fish, livestock, IQF frozen rabbit poultry and other food on cold water soaked or placed in 4 ℃ ~ 8 ℃ place, so that the natural thaw.

This is because the meat in the frozen process, IQF frozen rabbit the intracellular fluid and extracellular fluid quickly frozen into ice, IQF frozen rabbit forming the meat and the middle of the cell crystals. The crystals of this juice are one of the most valuable proteins and delicious substances. If thawed with hot water, not only will lose part of the protein and its fragrance substances, IQF frozen rabbit more importantly, will produce a kind of strong carcinogen called propionaldehyde. IQF frozen rabbit Therefore, the frozen meat must be thawed with cold water or make it slowly natural solution.