IQF Frozen Vegetable Keep In The Best Condition

- Aug 29, 2017-

Fresh is not always the best, IQF frozen vegetable a study shows that frozen vegetables are often more nutritious. Many fruits and vegetables if you can eat immediately after harvest, vitamins and minerals will not have much loss, and the market many so-called "fresh vegetables" are actually placed in the warehouse for several days, vitamins and minerals have been Greatly lost.

The frozen vegetables use fresh and ripe vegetables, IQF frozen vegetable with low-temperature method to maximize the lock vegetables nutrition and moisture, so that it is longer to maintain the best condition.

In addition, the use of frozen vegetables is also very convenient, just wash can be directly cooking, instant noodles can be completed in the fast nuts delicious nutrition.

Fresh is not always the best, IQF frozen vegetable according to the British "Daily Mail" reported that the latest research shows that frozen vegetables and fruits are often higher nutritional value. The same time as

Scientists at the Food Reform Research Center at Sheffield Hall, Sheffield, UK, IQF frozen vegetable say that we want to abandon the poor quality of frozen vegetables, and that many fruits and vegetables are not eaten with vitamins and minerals if they are eaten immediately after harvest , IQF frozen vegetable And the market many of the so-called fruits and vegetables have been placed in the warehouse for several days.

For example, green beans stored 7 days later, vitamin C decreased by 77%. The study also showed that frozen green beans and fresh green beans after cooking, IQF frozen vegetable frozen green beans contained in the β-carotene higher. ~

Researcher Charlotte Harty said: "We studied 37 kinds of products and found that fresh food and frozen food is not much difference between nutrition, IQF frozen vegetable and fresh vegetables from the farm to the ordinary family's table has gone through too long time."

Because of this, the international health agencies believe that frozen fruits and vegetables and fresh fruits and vegetables are healthy choices.

The British Nutrition Association (BNF) argues that there is no difference in the nutritional value of frozen fruits and vegetables with fresh fruits and vegetables, and that frozen fruits and vegetables are often preserved immediately after harvest, compared to fresh fruits and vegetables, IQF frozen vegetable they may even contain more Vitamins.

The British National Health Service (NHS) recommends that people eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day, frozen fruits and vegetables are also in the range of 5, IQF frozen vegetable and no frozen fruits and vegetables excluded.

Therefore, IQF frozen vegetable the nutrition of frozen fruits and vegetables will not be worse than the fresh, and may even be better.