IQF Vegetable Frozen Broccoli How To Save To Save A Long Time

- Aug 29, 2017-

Chinese cold chain logistics network: cauliflower and broccoli are cruciferous cabbage vegetables, native to the Mediterranean coast. Cauliflower also known as cauliflower or cauliflower, IQF vegetable frozen broccoli cauliflower rich in vitamin B group, C. These ingredients are water-soluble, easy to heat dissolution and loss, so boiled cauliflower should not be high temperature cooking, not suitable for boiling. Broccoli nutrient-rich, including protein, sugar, fat, vitamins and carotene, nutrient ingredients ranked first in the same vegetable, known as "vegetable crown."

Harvesting period or postharvest inappropriate storage environment such as high temperature, low temperature, etc., may cause cauliflower in storage loose ball, IQF vegetable frozen broccoli flower ball brown and make quality lower. Broccoli, also known as broccoli, because of its edible part of the young pedicels and small buds, postharvest flowers at the room temperature is easy to open and yellow, harder than cauliflower fresh. Its metabolism is very active, after eating at room temperature for 24 h (hours) began to turn yellow, poor storability, because broccoli postharvest buds quickly aging and metabolic disorders and ethylene, IQF vegetable frozen broccoli postharvest ethylene is extremely sensitive to exposure to 2 ppm of ethylene is reduced by 50% at 10 ° C (50 ° F). There are a variety of physiological diseases and mechanical damage. Therefore, the preservation of the transport of cauliflower must start from many aspects, the use of fresh fresh fruit preservation system, a comprehensive preservation.

Broccoli nutrient-rich, with a lot of calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, etc., for the baby to add vitamins, minerals. Broccoli anti-cancer anti-cancer effect is obvious, IQF vegetable frozen broccoli you can improve the baby immunity.

How to save the broccoli to save a long time some of the time to eat still feel the delicious dishes, this is also learned, the following to share some of the preservation of broccoli.

First to buy broccoli to dishes bright, IQF vegetable frozen broccoli buds close strong is better; flower ball surface without bumps, the overall sense of the uplift, pick up no heavy sense for the good; if found to have yellow flowers only buy fresh West Orchids can be easier to save. Five indicators of quality broccoli:

1, the color of green vegetables are bright green is better, IQF vegetable frozen broccoli if the phenomenon of yellowing, it means that too mature or storage for too long.

2, the ball surface without bumps, buds close strong broccoli quality is better.

3, feel more heavy broccoli for good products, but if the flower is too hard, pedicel particularly thick and strong, then said the plant over the old.

4, if the broccoli leaves, then the leaves green, moist and fresher.

5, observe the broccoli stalk is moist, if too dry, IQF vegetable frozen broccoli said the harvest has been a long time, not fresh enough.

Two strokes fresh broccoli:

1, with paper or breathable film wrapped in broccoli (paper can spray a small amount of water), and then upright into the refrigerator freezer, about 1 week or so.

2, the broccoli torn into small flowers, IQF vegetable frozen broccoli soaked in salt water for about 5 minutes, remove the vegetables on the dust and pests, and then rinse with water, drain, into the boiling brine in hot, remove and dry can be directly cooked or Into the preservation bag, into the refrigerator cryopreservation.