IQF Vegetable Frozen Peapods Two Practices

- Aug 29, 2017-

Domestic and foreign various frozen food mainly, IQF vegetable frozen peapods including frozen fruits, vegetables, potato products, surface food, IQF vegetable frozen peapods all kinds of meat and aquatic products, the annual supply of tons, customers in various provinces and abroad nearly 20 countries And the area. In the years of business operations, the company in a professional level and integrity of practical work style and customers to establish long-term and stable relations of cooperation. IQF vegetable frozen peapods Our customers include wholesalers, a number of well-known food processing enterprises and end users, covering meat and aquatic products processing wholesale, baking, fruit jelly juice drinks, dairy products, canned, casual fruits and vegetables food and food distribution and so on. Our employees have the experience of food processing, such as QS, HACCP, ISO, BRC, HALAL, KOSHER, IQF vegetable frozen peapods and so on. Our factory has the experience of various products such as QS, HACCP, ISO, BRC, HALAL, KOSHER, etc. The establishment of an effective protection of the supply quality. After years of operation, IQF vegetable frozen peapods we have established a relatively complete varieties of frozen products supply system, while ensuring reasonable prices.

General household frozen peas there are two ways: one is stripped directly after the bag to put the refrigerator frozen, IQF vegetable frozen peapods the other is the first peeling pea hot hot, IQF vegetable frozen peapods and then frozen.

In theory, there are a variety of enzymes inside the vegetables, enzymes will catalyze the discovery of a variety of biochemical reactions, so that the color of frozen vegetables, flavor and nutrition are affected. Low temperature freezing, although to a certain extent, reduce the activity of the enzyme, IQF vegetable frozen peapods play a certain inhibitory effect. But can not be completely suppressed. So even in the frozen state, fruit and vegetable body is still in the biochemical reaction, but carried out very slowly. So frozen vegetables will certainly be in quality after storage for some time. Especially in the thawed time, IQF vegetable frozen peapods the enzyme activity will be significantly enhanced to accelerate the deterioration of the quality of vegetables. So in the frozen before blanching about, damage the enzyme activity, you can ensure that the quality of vegetables in the frozen did not change much.

Refrigerator is not a safe, IQF vegetable frozen peapods just a temporary preservation of the preservation of the tools, do not think that food into the refrigerator do not have to ignore it, or to eat as soon as possible. With the extension of time, food flavor, taste, IQF vegetable frozen peapods nutrition will be affected, although a certain low temperature antibacterial effect, but can not completely sterilization. So although frozen to save a long time, or as soon as possible to eat is appropriate.

Buy fresh peas, peeling peas rice, IQF vegetable frozen peapods do not wash, directly into the food bag, do not pretend too much too much, sealed a good seal, into the refrigerator freezer. Eat out when you do not need to freeze, wash directly to the water can be cooked.

Peeled pea rice washed. IQF vegetable frozen peapods Burn a pot of water, the water will be washed after the pea poured into, boiled 2 minutes after the fish out, IQF vegetable frozen peapods control to the water, into the food bag can be frozen.

Prebled peas are more convenient when cooking, no need to clean, and is already cooked, cooking time is shorter.